Shop windows

Several shop windows I made the past years for the Milk on the Rocks Paris boutique.


- Happy birthday - Paper cake for the 10th anniversary use as a t-shirts display

– Happy birthday -
Paper cake used as a t-shirt display for the 10th anniversary of the brand


Paper candles and fruits


- Pola - Handmade paper polaroid

– Pola -
Handmade paper polaroid

paper polaroid2



Xmas time

– Xmas time -
Customization of a wood deer head with toys



– Rainbow -
Creation of a giant fluffy cushion with ribbons


Tube paint

– Arty mood -
Handmade paper paint tubes


Cardboard animals

– Cardboard animals -
Quick drawings of animals I made with felt-tip pen


Felt animals creatures

– Lovely creatures -
Handmade felt animals



– Pacman -
Custom-made stickers inspired from the old school video game



– Jaws -
Paper shark and waves, display inspired by the horror movie


Star Wars Lover

– For Star Wars Lovers -


- DIY masks - Handmade animal paper masks

– DIY masks -
Handmade animal paper masks


- Fake Washing Machine -

– Fake Washing Machine -
Machine and soap in cardboard

wash machine02




– Woods -
Paper origami mushrooms


- Xmas Tree - Tree entirely made with inflated gloves

– Xmas Tree -
Tree entirely made with inflated gloves

xmas tree zoom



Jungle Style

– Jungle Style -
Animal masks I found on a trip to Belgium

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